Before the war this town was called Palmnicken. It was famous for its beaches and also for its amber resources. Both are still attracting people today. Residents of the region are not so interested in amber, but a lot of people are fond of being on the beaches in summer. This is the reason why there are too many passengers in public transport in high season. You can go to Yantarny by bus № 120, which leaves from the Yuzhny (Southern) railway station in Kaliningrad every hour. The number of buses increases in the high season and they go every half hour. The fare is about 2-3 Euros. You can also go by taxi. A taxi from the city will cost about 13-17 Euros one way.

The first place of interest is waiting for you at the entrance to the town – a sculpture of a mermaid; it is a symbol of the town. The most famous sight in Yantarny apart from the beaches is the Amber industrial complex. Here there is a showroom and an observation platform where you can see the sand-pits of the complex. Near the observation platform there is an amber pyramid and even a small area of sand where visitors are able to seek amber themselves. The observation platform is open every day from 9 am till 4:30 pm local time. Entry price is 2,5 Euros. The showroom can be visited from Monday till Friday from 9 am till 5pm. Excursions begin every hour. Excursion tickets also cost 2,5 Euros. The price for children under 15 years old is 2 Euros. The telephone number for information is 8 (40153) 3-74-44 and + 7 9622555496. The latter is the telephone number of the manager of the tourist department.

There is an old church in Sovetskaya Street; it is a close copy of the St.George Chapel in the King’s Graden Monbinion near Berlin. Nowadays it is the home of an orthodox temple. A little farther along the same street there is a museum “Amber Castle”, situated in part of the XIV century castle. Displays are devoted to the history of the amber industry, and in the cellars there are torture rooms. Opening hours are from 9 am till 6 pm Monday-Saturday.

A green area stretches along the side of one part of the beach. It is an old park named after Moritz Bekker who was an owner of the amber mines. Here you can see rare trees brought by the family of the manufacturer from all over the world. One more memorial dedicated to the tragic part of the history of the town is the monument to the Victims of the Death March – its arms are raised into the sky and on them are written the numbers of the prisoners of the concentration camp. The sculpture was made in memory of the victims of the Holocaust shot in the mines of the town. Not far from the descent to this sad monument there is a sign where visitors can take pictures. It was made by Artemy Lebedev, a popular Russian designer.

If you want to have a snack at the end of your long stroll, I can advise you of three places popular among the residents. The first one, and the most well-known, is the restaurant “Galera” (Galley) at the seaside. One more favourite place is the restaurant “Hotel Schloss” which is on the same street where the church and the museum are situated. There is also the hotel ”Bekker” with a restaurant of the same name in this street; both residents and guests like it very much.



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