You can reach Kaliningrad region either by airplane, by car or by bicycle. But sometimes your iron friend can have some tiny problems or even breakage. We have selected addresses of the service centers where bicycles can be repaired especially for those who choose this healthy and eco friendly means of transport.

Preventive seasonal maintenance of a bicycle in the service centers of the region costs 6-9 Euros depending on the state of your two-wheeled horse. Other repairs depend on the damages and spares availability. By the way, a punctured tyre can be patched in car service centers as well. There you can also borrow some tools and get some help just to bring your bicycle back to life, at least for long enough to cycle to a specialist.

the large bicycle shop
Bicycle repair shops are usually located in the large bicycle shops

It is quite natural that the majority of bicycle service centers are in Kaliningrad. Unfortunately, a good infrastructure for cyclists has not developed in the region so far. We know of only one service center in Baltiysk (Gogol Street) and one in Zelenogradsk (Turgenev Street). Cyclists have given no information about the service centers either in Svetlogorsk or any other main locality as yet. This is why we advise you to carry not only a first aid set for yourself but for your bicycle as well.

On reaching Kaliningrad you can find a service center in nearly every part of the city. For example, the oldest service center opened in 1995 (Moskovsky Avenue, 123). As well as privately owned centers there are also chain owned repair centers, but you should bear in mind that they are usually open from Monday till Friday. Some of them are open on Saturday but only work part-time. However, in high season the working hours are longer, so if the service center is not on your route, you should try to reach the specialists by phone to see if they are open. The current information has been collected on our interactive map.

Enjoy your trips without breakdowns!



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