Culinary festivities, cultural events and Victory Day.

Spring in the Kaliningrad region is always unpredictable: it can be warm in the day time, but at night it can be frosty. But natural processes and migratory birds cannot be stopped. From the middle of March in Kaliningrad we highly recommend tasting dishes containing smelt. Many restaurants and cafés offer delicacies made of freshly-caught examples of this cucumber smelling fish.

May in Russia is the time of holidays and rest in the open air, although the elder generation traditionally goes to their country cottages. The resort season starts in Zelenogradsk at the beginning of May. At this time you can visit an excellent Fish Food Festival, where more than 20 food projects will present local and international dishes.

The 9th of May, the Victory Day, is a sacred day for all Russian citizens. On this day you can witness the military parade at the Victory Square, and a parade of the participants of all-Russia action «Immortal Regiment» (residents of the city will go along Gvardeisky Avenue with the photographs of their grandfathers and fathers who were fighting during World War II) and enjoy the holiday salute in the evening.

On the 19th of May Kaliningrad will reveal its night secrets during the world «Museum night». Many museums and art grounds will take part in this. They prepare special programmes, quests, exhibitions and night excursions. You can go by bus or on foot around the city; experienced «public» guides will accompany you (to our page).

The cultural life of the city is full during any season. There are concerts of classical music in the Philharmonic and concerts of organ music in the Cathedral. There are jazz performances and local band concerts at the restaurants and cafés to suit any musical taste. For lovers of visual art the Kaliningrad Art Gallery has a photo exhibition of the work of Gian Paolo Barbieri, a world famous Italian fashion photographer, which is open until the end of May. From the 25th of May there will be a photo exposition «Photomania-2017» in the frames of the International Festival of professional and amateur photography «Baltic photography biennial». In the exhibition space of the Sackheim Gate there are always interesting exhibitions and lectures taking place.

Probably the most extraordinary festival «Wheel Day» takes place in Kaliningrad at the end of May (usually the last weekend) – On this day one of the central streets of the city is closed to cars, and everybody can ride a bike and participate in city bike races, competitions, or simply have a rest and enjoy themselves. This festival is held to promote a healthy lifestyle and a careful attitude towards the environment.

Wheel Day festival
Wheel Day


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