The Kaliningrad region is situated between Poland and Lithuania, so it is very easy to get here by car. However, you should bear in mind some tips which will help you to plan your trip correctly and to avoid finding yourselves in an unpleasant situation.

Customs procedures

Customs Control Zone Sign
Customs Control Zone Sign

At the border you will have to fill in the passenger customs declaration for the transport importation. You can download the form beforehand and that will save your time at the border considerably. Passenger customs declaration must be printed on the front and back sides of the A4 page. Two copies of the declaration should be filled in. A car for private use can enter Russia duty free for up to one year. It is important to remember that according to Russian legislation only the person for whom the temporary importation of the car has been drawn up has the right to drive the car. Driving transfer to another person without the permission of the customs is forbidden!

For example: at the moment of crossing the border the owner of the car was under the influence of alcohol and his friend was driving the car. In this case temporary importation will be drawn up for the friend, and only that person will have the right to drive that car within the whole period of staying in the Kaliningrad region.

download Customs declaration form.pdf (EN)

Below are given regulations for importation of goods into the territory of the Russian Federation per person over 18.
Goods Duty free, written declaration is optional Duty payable, written declaration is obligatory
Alcoholic beverages and beer Not more than 3 liters 3-5 liters.
Tax: 10 Euros for each exceeding liter. Attention! Import of alcohol over 5 liters is forbidden!
Tobacco products Not more than 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars (cigarillos) or 250 grams of tobacco, total weight is not to exceed 250 grams.

We draw to your attention that at the moment of writing this article the following goods, without the corresponding certificates, are forbidden for importation, such as: potatoes, seeds and planting materials, raw meat, raw fish, semi-finished products. Moreover, pork of any kind (even in sausages etc.) is also prohibited from being imported to theKaliningrad region. Since 1.01.2015 the import of vegetables, fruit, greens, nuts from the European Community countries is not allowed.


Transport insurance is necessary for travelling in the Kaliningrad region by car. You should check before the trip if your transport insurance (for example, “green card”) is valid in the territory of the Russian Federation. If you do not have insurance, or your valid insurance is not acceptable in Russia, you will be allowed to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. If due to some reason you are not able to buy the insurance just at the border, we recommend that you should buy the “green card” at the nearest gasoline station or at an insurance company office. In Russia driving the car without insurance is considered to be an administrative offense with a consequent penalty to be paid.


Gasoline station
Gasoline station

You will be pleased with the prices for gasoline. The average price for the gasoline 95 octane is equal to about 39 Rbls per liter. Gasoline 92 and diesel fuel cost approximately the same – 36-37 Rbls. At the majority of gasoline stations you should pay first at the cash desk and then fill the tank with the amount you have paid for. In case you need to fill the whole tank, you should tell the sales assistant about it («Polny bak»), giving the number of the pump, then you fill the tank and return to the cashier to make the payment. Lukoil (Лукойл) stations – they are a distinctive red and white – are usually self-service and you pay at the cash desk after filling.


In Kaliningrad city you will sometimes find the roads have cobble stones. However, most of the roads are covered with asphalt and correspond to modern requirements. The roads in the region are also different: from a new highway (Primorskoye semicircle) connecting Kaliningrad with the local resort towns to the small village roads. The majority of roads are covered with asphalt. You can drive along all the roads of Kaliningrad region free of charge. Attention! Some of the districts of Kaliningrad region have either visit restrictions or regulations. Entry into these districts is possible only if you have a special pass. Transit through these territories is permitted.

Enjoy your travels!

All data are current for August, 2016



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