If you happen to stay in the Kaliningrad region then, by all means, it is worth going to the Baltic seaside. We shall tell you how you can get there.

By car

If you have rented a car, then it will take you about one hour to get from Kaliningrad to the Baltic sea. Several routes lead to the seaside. You can use an old road passing through the village Pereslavskoye to get to the main resort towns of the region, following the road leaving the city through Sovetsky Avenue. You can get to Zelenogradsk along the new road faster than this by leaving the city along Nevsky Street. However it will take you a little more time to get to Svetlogorsk, as the road goes along the seashore and is called correspondingly – «Seaside Circle». The town of Pionersky is situated between Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk, so getting there is convenient by any of the roads.

Road signs in Svetlogorsk
No Stopping road signs in Svetlogorsk
You are better going to Yantarny along the old road as, strictly speaking, the Seaside Circle still is only a semicircle and in some parts is in the construction phase, so you will have to drive along the old road to reach Yantarny.
ESSENTIAL! You should pay attention to the road signs indicating where parking is allowed, particularly the signs «Parking forbidden» and «Tow truck working» in the coastal towns. If you leave the car in the wrong place, it can be taken away to the special parking place by the police. In this case you will have to pay a fine.

Private cars (not recommended!)

Local drivers, especially those who live in distant towns of the region, do not mind earning some money by giving a lift to some carelfree passengers. As a rule, drivers arrive at the railway station, get out of the car and ask if anybody needs to reach their town. This business is illegal but people often agree, as going by car is much quicker and sometimes it is even cheaper than by public transport. We do not recommend you to choose private car drivers, getting into the car of an unknown person is done at your own risk.

By train

There are two railway stations in Kaliningrad – Yuzhny (“Southern”, which is the main one) and Severny (“Northern”). Before getting on the train you need to buy a ticket at the booking office. The booking office for local trains at the Yuzhny railway station is situated in the main building of the railway station (central entrance, to the left of the fountain). At the Severny railway station – you can buy tickets at any booth.
It is allowed to have a bicycle in the carriage vestibules of the train (1 bicycle in one vestibule), and the price is equal to ¼ of the ticket price, and the same price is charged for any other luggage. These prices are valid since May, 2016*:

Kaliningrad-Yuzhny Kaliningrad-Severny
Svetlogorsk-2 75 rbl. 60 copecks 69 rbl. 20 copecks
Svetlogorsk -1** 70 rbl. 80 copecks 64 rbl. 40 copecks
Zelenogradsk 53 rbl. 20 copecks 46 rbl. 80 copecks
Pionersky 62 rbl. 80 copecks 56 rbl. 40 copecks

* age 0-4 – free of charge, age 5-7 – ¼ of the ticket price. Pupils and students should have identification from the educational institution – ½ of the ticket price.
** beginning of the town, farther from the sea)

The ticket purchased can be used once during the day. If you did not manage to buy a ticket in the booking office, you can do it for the same price in the train before it starts, and after the train starts you will have to pay 24 rbl. more for additional service. As a rule, the ticket clerk is in the second carriage from the train head. Information telephone number (Russian and English): 60-08-88

By bus

The most popular means of transport among the local residents is the bus. Be attentive – in summer buses are overcrowded. To avoid these crowds, you should go to the seaside before 9 a.m. and come back not later than at 5 p.m. Then you will be abe to go to the seaside and back with comfort. The main bus stations of the city are situated near the railway stations. Transport usually leaves from the Yuzhny railway station (bus station, Zheleznodorozhnaya Street, 7) and passes through the city by different routes coming out either onto the new road (Seaside Circle) or the old one (these buses go past the Severny railway station). Buses № 141(old road) and № 140 (new road) go to Zelenogradsk. Tickets can be bought in the booking office of the bus station just before departure. At the Severny railway station tickets can be bought only on the bus. You can get to Svetlogorsk along the old road by buses № 118 and 125. The price of the ticket to Svetlogorsk is equal to 77 rbl., to Zelenogradsk – 68 rbl. There are buses that stop at bus stops, and there are express buses that stop only on reaching the destination. You can get on the express bus only at the Severny railway station.

Enjoy yourselves!

P.S.: be ready to speak Russian as the booking clerks often do not speak English. (Eng. “from” = Rus. “iz”, Eng. “to” =Rus. “do”).



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