In earlier times this town was called Rauschen. Nowadays there are two towns of Svetlogorsk: Svetlogorsk – 1 and Svetlogorsk -2. One of them is touristic; the other one is just a normal town, nevertheless not less interesting for guests, as near it there is a lake Tikhoe (Quiet) with an embankment. It will take only 15-20 minutes to get to the old part of the town along the well established path through the forest.

You can reach Svetlogorsk by bus, which leaves hourly, by taxi, and by local train from the Yuzhny (Southern) and the Severny (Northern) railway stations. The fare costs about 1-2,5 Euros. If you decide to go by taxi, be prepared to pay about 15 Euros for one way. In warm weather public transport goes to Svetlogorsk more frequently, but there can be traffic jams on the roads, so residents prefer local trains.

The last stop of both the trains and buses is the railway station, not far from which there is a descent down to the sea. You can go on foot along one of the pathways down to the seashore or you can use a cablecar to both go up and down. The fare is 1 Euro. There are many cafes, souvenir shops and several places of interest along the promenade. One of them is a sculpture of a mermaid by which visitors like to take pictures.

At the end of the promenade there is a sundial – one of the symbols of the town. But the main treasure situated near the pier is a sculpture called “Nymph”, created by the German sculptor Herman Brachert. There has been one more work of his in the park for a long time – “Bringing Water”. However, with the passing years the original of this sculpture required restoration, and it was taken to the Brachert Museum House, and its place in the park was taken by an exact copy. The Museum House is located in the village Otradnoye not far from Svetlogorsk. Opening hours can be found by phoning 8-40153-21166.

You can see not only beautiful old houses in the narrow streets of the town – do not miss the opportunity to see the Water Tower and the spa clinic (the second symbol of Svetlogorsk), but also many German and Soviet sculptures, as well. Modern authors are not forgotten. The town erected a monument in honour of the famous German tale-teller Hoffmann, and to the heroine of the Russian fairy tale,the Frog Princess. Masters have also made a miniature of the medieval Königsberg of the first half of the XVI century.

Undoubtedly, you might like to combine extended strolls along the seashore and through the town with a hearty dinner or supper, but bear in mind that restaurants on the embankment are a little more expensive than in the centre of the town. “House of a Fisherman” stands out among them; it is probably the best fish restaurant in Svetlogorsk. From my personal experience the most popular is “Otchag” (“Hearth”), located near one of the descents. Here there is a pleasant combination of price and quantity. If you are not afraid of prices, drop into the restaurant at the hotel “Falke”. And if you are not afraid to get lost – find “Old Town”, it is another place popular with both residents and visitors to the town.



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