The area of the Kaliningrad Region includes zones with limited or regulated visiting:
Border zone is a strip along the state boundary where free movement of people is limited (indicated by a green line on the map);
Area closed to foreign citizens is a territory with regulated visiting for foreign citizens (indicated by a purple line on the map).

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Restricted Areas in Kaliningrad region 2017

Foreign citizens may enter the border zone if they possess:

  • identity documents;
  • individual or collective passes issued by the Russian FSB border control.

Foreign citizens may enter the border zone having only their passports in the following cases:

  • If they are registered within the border zone, or are family members of those registered;
  • If they are transiting the border zone;
  • If they are citizens of Poland staying in the Kaliningrad Region according to the local border traffic regime, except for visiting the 100-meter strip along the Neman river.
  • If their official duties or employment imply driving vehicles, regular traffic routes of which lie within the border zone, or if they are drivers of vehicles engaged in international road transportation.

There are also the following areas with regulated visiting for foreign citizens in the Kaliningrad Region (unless otherwise indicated, roads are not included in the restricted areas):

  • the town of Baltiysk and the Vistula (Baltiyskaya) Spit (except for the area adjacent to basins No. 3 and 4 of the Naval Base of Baltiysk, as well as the waters of Primorskaya Bay and Kaliningrad Sea Canal);
  • part of the Guryevsk area west of the road Kaliningrad-Orlovka-Sosnovka-Zelenogradsk;
  • the Zelenogradsk area (except for its parts north-east of the “Maritime Ring” highway from the border of the Guryevsk area to the village of Luzhki and north of the line Luzhki-Muromskoye-Kovrovo-Romanovo-Orehovo-border of the Svetlogorsk area; west of the railway Primorsk-Yantarny-Svetlogorsk on the area between the border of the Baltiysk area and the village of Yantarny; south of the railway Kaliningrad-Baltiysk) (area from the west coast of the region to the village of Povarovka is open);
  • part of the Svetlogorsk area, west of the straight line Orehovo-Filino (Zelenogradsk area) (the village of Filino is open);
  • part of the village of Yantarny, east of the railway Primorsk-Yantarny-Svetlogorsk (the main area of the village and its coast are open);
  • part of the town of Svetly (north of the village of Cherepanovo inclusive; from the forestry and Primorskaya Bay in the west to the railroad in the south-east);
  • parts of the Krasnoznamensky and Nesterovsky Districts bounded by the road Kibartai–Nesterov–Vysokoe–Dobrovolsk–Pravdino–Pobedino and the line Pobedino–Šilgaliai (except for the above settlements and the road).

All the open communities and areas of the Kaliningrad Region are accessible by transit by railways or roads.

While crossing the restricted areas in transit, the special permits are not required.

The issue of passes to the border zone to foreign citizens in administered by the Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Kaliningrad Region: 15 Suvorova Street, 236015 Kaliningrad, tel.: +7 (4012) 69 10 89, 64 47 86. Further information about the border area: +7 (4012) 69-11-79.

In order to have the pass issued, foreign citizens should provide their passport information to one of the agencies at least 2 weeks prior to the expected date of entry. The foreign citizen may enter the regulated area only accompanied by an accredited guide (the price for the guide service is an average of 3,000 rubles per day).

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