Travelling by bicycle has become more popular in the last few years. It gives the possibility to see much more interesting places. If you do not want to bring your own two-wheel friend with you, you can rent one in Kaliningrad, or other resort towns of the region. There are many offers for the local residents and the guests of the city in different districts.

The cost of rental is equal to 5-7 Euros per day for ordinary bicycles; professional bicycles are a little more expensive and will cost 7-9 Euros per day. If you rent a bicycle for several days, or a week, the total sum can be equal to 30-40 Euros – depending on the discount system in the shop or rental. As a rule, at an extra charge, you can also have safety items such as helmets and knee and elbow guards, a bracing rack, and seats for children.

At all rentals the bicycles and safety items can be taken after giving a deposit and a copy of an ID document. The deposit amount is equal to 50-70 Euros. The deposit is returned to the renter as soon as the bicycle is returned. In case of delay from the agreed return date, or damage to the bicycle, an average sum will usually be deducted for a delay or necessary repair.

And now the most important point which is where you can find rentals. They are available at the sport shops “Planet Sport” and “Champion” which are situated on Sovetsky Avenue and Leninsky Avenue, and in A. Nevsky Street, Gorky Street and Portovaya Street.

On Mira Avenue there is a transport rental called “City-Rent”, where you can rent not only bicycles but cars as well.

Additionally, bicycles have been available for rent in small shops and repair workshops lately. As a rule, you can see a bicycle with the rental notice, and the price and the telephone numbers to ring, on it.

In 2016 there appeared in Kaliningrad a convenient rental service called Cafébike (website EN). Bicycles for rent are fastened near the cafés and restaurants around the city. There have been 19 locations established so far. You register in the café (only a credit card and telephone number are necessary), get the key for the bicycle and then ride it. What is important is that you do not have to return the bicycle to the place where you took it from. You may return it to any place suitable for you! Rent is paid from the credit card at the moment you return the bicycle. What is more, this is the only rental in the city where you will not have to make a deposit and sign an agreement. The cost of rent of a Cafébike is one of the cheapest in the city and is equal to 60 Roubles (about 1 Euro) for 30 minutes, and you can take the bicycle for the whole day for 500 Roubles (about 8 Euros).

Bicycles for rent are available in the resort towns of Zelenogradsk, Svetlogosk and on the Curonian Spit. One of the rentals belonging to “Champion” is located in the town of Gusev. You can obtain information about rental in the tourist centers.

Bear in mind that when leaving the bicycle you should carefully fasten your iron friend with a lock to avoid it being stolen, and remember to follow the traffic rules. Enjoy your riding!



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