There are several big thematic museums in Kaliningrad. I have already written about the Amber Museum. Another that tourists also often visit is the Museum of the World Ocean.
This museum has several branches with expositions in different parts of the city, but the main buildings and exhibits are situated on the Pregel embankment in the center of Kaliningrad. This museum is interesting not only for its exhibitions. Some exhibits are unique vessels moored near the museum buildings; you can walk through them and even stay for the night in one of them!

Let me tell you what to do in order to visit. You can get to the museum either by buses № 37 and 49 or by minibuses № 65, 77, 80, and 87. The stop to get off is the sport complex called “Yunost” (Youth). You can also get here by the buses and minibuses which go to the stop “Hotel Kaliningrad”, but in this case you will have to head to the ridge over the river and descend from the bridge to the museum on the quayside. There are sea exhibitions and aquariums in the main building. You can see other expositions in the old building of ex-warehouses – Pakgaus. Not long ago there was opened a new exhibition complex under the name of “Depth”. Apart from exhibits in displays you can see the skeletons of a sperm-whale and a shark hung to the ceiling, a deep-water apparatus “Mir” (Peace), donated to the museum by the producer James Cameron the same name.

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Expositions are constantly changing, but the famous vessels of the museum are themselves both exhibits and exposition halls. The vessels are: the “Vityaz”, the biggest scientific research vessel in the world; “B-413”the only submarine in the country made according to the project 641, and which can still float; «Cosmonaut Victor Patsaev», the only vessel of space communication in the world; and the “SRТ, -129”, the only fishing vessel converted into a museum in Russia. The whole museum complex on the embankment is open from Monday till Sunday. However, on Monday and on Tuesday some exhibitions and decks of the ships are closed for visitors, so it is better to visit from Wednesday till Sunday inclusive. For children under the age of 16 entry tickets are free. Tickets for adults to each exposition cost 1,8 Euros without excursions. You can make use a profitable offer and buy a single ticket for only12,5 Euros which covers entry to all the exhibitions and vessels, and to all the museum branches as well.

And that is not all. You can visit the most interesting exhibitions, and then stay for the night on board the famous vessel “Vityaz”. Cabins can be booked on the site Three double cabins, a shared shower and a galley (a small kitchen) are available for guests. Price per night for one person is equal to 7,5 Euros. These cabins are popular among both tourists and city dwellers. Those who have stayed overnight say that there is a striking view into the night sky. Enjoy yourselves.



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