In the Kaliningrad region you can find several monuments which attract attention for their originality. Few people will go with the purpose of seeing them. However, if you do see them during the trip, these photos will brighten up your Instagram.

Monument to the local newspaper (Gusev)

Do you know much about the monuments to newspapers? There is such a monument in Gusev (112 km from Kaliningrad)! Monument to the local newspaper (Gusev)It was opened in 2012 on the 65th anniversary of the local district newspaper. The bronze monument depicts an editorial desk with a typewriter, a glass of tea in a glass holder, a pack of “Kazbek” brand cigarettes, and newspapers on the desk. The monument is interactive: there is a bronze chair near the desk and anyone can sit at the desk and feel like an editor of the newspaper.

Аddress: Ulianov Street, 10, Gusev

Monument to sprats (Mamonovo)

In 2008 the small town of Mamonovo in the Kaliningrad region was decorated with an amusing monument. Monument to sprats (Mamonovo) A bronze sculpture to a tin filled with sprats was installed in the town in honour of the long lasting work of the local fish-processing plant during the soviet epoch. The monument is two meters high. A big tin with sprats is placed on the pedestal which is made in the shape of a table at the height of two meters. Some fish can be seen playfully jumping out of the tin, with one of them wearing a gold crown on its head.

Аddress: Evseev Street, 2, Mamonovo

Monument to Zelenogradsk cats (Zelenogradsk)

Monument to Zelenogradsk cats (Zelenogradsk)

This is perhaps the most popular monument of the Kaliningrad region. A window frame is installed on a rotary device. A cat is sitting comfortably in the frame. It is an unexpectedly exciting attraction for children and adults, and a great place for taking photos!

Аddress: crossroads of Kurortny Prospect and Pogranichnaya Street, Zelenogradsk



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