If you prefer to refuse to eat meat or other foods due to some ethical or other reasons, you will need to look for some special food. Today we shall tell you where to eat lentil soup and buy your favourite products.

There are two shops named “Vegamarket” in the center of Kaliningrad. One is situated in the “Mega” shopping centre, the other one is situated near the trade center “Mercury” in Sommer Street. Different kinds of milk, yoghurts, spreads, cereals, bakery products and sweets are sold here. You can also find various special cutlets and sausages here. Flour of all sorts, cereals, oils and syrups are sold in a small shop “Maharadja” at Sommer Street, 7.

Talking of public catering, probably the only one which can be called completely vegetarian is yoga-bar “8th chakra” in the yoga center of the same name located on the 5th floor of the Mega Centre at Uralskaya Street, 18. There are various yoghurts on the menu. As for me, my favourite one is lentil. You can have delicious lentil porridge, and for dessert – sweets made in accordance with raw food and vegetarian diet principles.

My vegetarian friends say that there is a wide choice of good dishes in the cafes of the “Sushi and Sea” chain. They especially recommend tasting the soups, noodles and rice. Falafels are in fashion now in many cafes of Kaliningrad. They can be found in the “Smak” snack bars which sell takeaways. Delicious falafels and hummus can be tasted in the restaurant “London” on Mira Avenue. You can also have falafels and salads not far from here, if you don’t object to the smells of cooking meat, in the cafe “Kebab King” which specializes in meat dishes.

Vegetarian tom-yum soup and wok noodles are made in the restaurant “Мango Moon” in the Europe shopping centre located in the center of the city. As for wok dishes, they can be made without any meat or seafood in “Yakitoria” and “Fusion-express”, as well. In the latter you can have it as a takeaway in a small box. There is one more cafe with rather reasonable prices – the cafe “Bombay” at Gvardeisky Avenue, 10. The cafe specializes in the Indian cuisine, but there are quite a lot of vegetarian dishes on the menu. Guests praise salads, grilled Indian panir cheese, and pumpkin curry with chickpeas.

If you don’t have a chance to try these cafes, snack bars or restaurants, then bear in mind that in almost any cafe of Kaliningrad there are salads and pasta dishes, from which any ingredient that is not to your taste can be easily removed. And in the cafes of Asian cuisine there are, as a rule, one or two vegetarian rolls available.

Bon appetit!



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