On 21 August, 2016 there will be a military-historical festival “Gumbinnen battle” in the Gusevsky district near the village Lermontovo. This year it is devoted to the events of the World War I.

Gumbinnen battle Kaliningrad region
Photo by gumbinnen.histrf.ru

There will participate approximately 200 re-enactors including representatives from the foreign clubs of Poland, Chech Republic. Reenactment of one of the battles that took place in this area will become the central event of the festival. During the reenactment of the battle spectators will be shown military actions of infantry and horse cavalry.

There will be opened interactive grounds demonstrating military way of life of those times. Everybody can visit the exhibition of arms and objects of soldiers’ life, attend recruit courses, see a machine-gun post and visit the militaty field hospital.

More details can be found on website.



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