Today I shall tell you where you can enjoy meals in our city and which places city dwellers visit just to taste only one dish.

In the bakery Königsbäcker
In the bakery Königsbäcker, Kaliningard

We shall begin with breakfast. Fresh pastry is bought as a rule at Königsbäcker. Here you can have coffee, tea as well as various cakes and pies. And you can swallow your tongue eating the tastiest cinnamon buns. Coffee costs 1,5 Euros, pastries cost around 1 Euro or a little more. Shops of this chain are found both in the center of Kaliningrad and in the suburbs, and are open from 8 am. If you prefer a more substantial breakfast, then you should visit a Croissant-Cafe. Here you will find porridge, omelette and even meat dishes, notwithstanding traditional buns for breakfast. Coffee and tea cost about 1 Euro, dishes cost 1,5-5 Euros. Would you prefer only coffee and light dishes? I advise you to drop in at the coffee shop “GS Coffeeshop”. Here you will be served the best in Kaliningrad coffee that costs about 3,5 Euros. On weekdays this shop opens at 8 am, at the weekend it is open from 10 o’clock.

You can have a tasty lunch or dinner and enjoy yourselves in one of the most popular restaurants among the city dwellers, “Borshtch and Salo” (beetroot soup and suet). Here there are dishes of the Ukrainian national cuisine on the menu. Another favourite place of city dwellers is the restaurant “Parmezan”. This is a family enterprise where dishes of the Italian cuisine are served.

The interior of the restaurant Brikas, Kaliningrad
The interior of the restaurant Brikas, Kaliningrad

Would you like to taste some Lithuanian dishes? Then you are welcome at the restaurant “Brikas” in the Europe shopping center by the Victory Square. Here you will be served tseppeliny and other dishes of the national cuisine. In the same shopping center there is also “Kaiser Wurst”, an excellent restaurant providing German cuisine with most delicious soups and sausages. In all these restaurants you should take into account that on Friday, and at the weekend, you should book tables beforehand, otherwise you will have to wait for a vacant table for a long time. The average bill for a substantial meal without alcohol will be about 7 Euros.

Apart from these restaurants there are several places where locals go to enjoy Italian cuisine: trattoria “Basta Pasta” with its most delicious pizzas on Moskovsky Avenue, and restaurant “Bravo, Italy” on the Pregel embankment, where people longing for tasty pastas and hors d’oeuvres go. In these places you will pay about 6 Euros for dinner. And if you want to continue the party by enjoying a tasty cocktail, you should visit the bar “9 Avenue” where I recommend you to taste sushi and rolls, apart from a wide range of hard drinks. Or you can visit the recently opened cafeteria “Ulitsy” (Streets) which has a good cuisine and barmen-alchemists. In all these places you can enjoy your favourite drinks and spend a nice evening with your friends. One cocktail will cost about 3-4 Euros. I shall tell you where to hang out at night a little later.

Аnd now, enjoy your meal!



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