You can reach Kaliningrad region either by airplane, by car or by bicycle. But sometimes your iron friend can have some tiny problems or even breakage. We have selected addresses of the service centers where bicycles can be repaired especially for those who choose this healthy and eco friendly means of transport. Preventive seasonal maintenance of a bicycle in the...
As a visitor I’ve found it easy to learn how to get around Kaliningrad. Getting to the city from the airport is easy; if you don’t want to wait around for the bus then there are two taxi booths near the building exit where you can hire a taxi for a fixed price (500 rubles at time of writing)....
Kaliningrad by car
The Kaliningrad region is situated between Poland and Lithuania, so it is very easy to get here by car. However, you should bear in mind some tips which will help you to plan your trip correctly and to avoid finding yourselves in an unpleasant situation. Customs procedures At the border you will have to fill in the passenger customs declaration for...
You can change money easily at banks and money changers both of which are found at many locations round the city, though more are found in the centre. Exchange buy and sell rates for the Euro and US Dollar (and often Polish Zloty) are displayed outside, usually by red LED digital displays. The rates shown are usually the rate...
Kaliningrad, Victory Square
My heart pounds as I hand the officer my passport, waiting nervously as he thumbs through its pages, the majority of which are covered with stamps and visas from the many countries I’ve visited on my travels around the globe. He turns to my partner, who is sitting beside me. “Iz Avstralii?” he asks. “Da, ona iz Avstralii”. The officer’s serious demeanour...
a bicycle in Kaliningrad
Travelling by bicycle has become more popular in the last few years. It gives the possibility to see much more interesting places. If you do not want to bring your own two-wheel friend with you, you can rent one in Kaliningrad, or other resort towns of the region. There are many offers for the local residents and the guests...
Baltic sea Kaliningrad region
If you happen to stay in the Kaliningrad region then, by all means, it is worth going to the Baltic seaside. We shall tell you how you can get there. By car If you have rented a car, then it will take you about one hour to get from Kaliningrad to the Baltic sea. Several routes lead to the...
migration card Russian Federation
In accordance with the website of the FMS of the Russian Federation a migration card is a document that contains information about the foreign citizen entering the Russian Federation, and also serves to control his or her temporary stay in the Russian Federation. The forms for migration cards are given to arriving foreign citizens (charge free): when travelling by air...
There is one international airport, called “Khrabrovo”, in the territory of the Kaliningrad region. The airport is located around 20 km from the centre of Kaliningrad. In the airport building itself there are cash machines, free wi-fi, a café, a canteen, a meeting room, pharmacies, shops, car rentals , taxi stands, stands of mobile phone operators, a baby change area,...
5 places for rest with children in Kaliningrad
There are many places in Kaliningrad, where you can happily spend time with a child. We will tell you about five favorite places of rest among Kaliningrad residents. 1. “Yunost” (Youth) Park “Yunost” Park is situated in the center of the city; entertainment to accommodate any taste is presented here. Incredibly The park has an incredibly picteuresque nature with beautiful bridges...


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