amber museum kaliningrad
This is, perhaps, the most popular museum in the city. You are unlikely to find a city resident who has not been to this museum at least once. It is easy to guess from its name that all the expositions of the museum are devoted to the sunny stone. The museum is located in the city centre, near the...
King’s Gates in Kaliningrad
At the site of the King’s Gates there were formerly the Neue Sorge Gates (“New Worry”) built in 1626, and later the Gumbinnen Gates built in 1765. The name King’s was officially given to the Gates in 1811 in honour of solemn royal visits to the Devau parade ground, the way to which led through those gates. ...
Museum of the World Ocean
There are several big thematic museums in Kaliningrad. I have already written about the Amber Museum. Another that tourists also often visit is the Museum of the World Ocean. This museum has several branches with expositions in different parts of the city, but the main buildings and exhibits are situated on the Pregel embankment in the center of Kaliningrad. This...
Eight famous Königsberg gates of the XIXth century were built in the neo-Gothic “Tudor” style in 1843-1862, during modernization of the inner fortification ramparts. Some of them were built anew; some were only partially renewed. Nonetheless modern Kaliningrad can show evidence of all the gates, although all that remains of the Ausfall Gates are foundations of a little Russian orthodox...
friedrichsburg gates in Kaliningrad
These gates served as an entrance to the Friedrichsburg fort (the original fort was built here in 1627). In 1657 the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm ordered the addition of the new fort to the city fortification ramparts. The fort was designed by the court mathematician Christian Otter and had four bastions, each of which had a special name: Emerald,...
Today there are 117 bridges and overpasses in Kaliningrad. In contrast in Königsberg before the last war there were only 14 bridges. However the most well-known seven bridges over the Pregel should certainly be mentioned. We are talking about Merchandise, Green, Smith, Giblet, High, Firewood (Wooden) and Honey bridges. The whole city history involves them. All of them were built...
Yantarny Kaliningrad region
Before the war this town was called Palmnicken. It was famous for its beaches and also for its amber resources. Both are still attracting people today. Residents of the region are not so interested in amber, but a lot of people are fond of being on the beaches in summer. This is the reason why there are too many...
Königsberg castle
Königsberg castle was not only a symbol of the once famous Hansa city of Königsberg, it also became a symbol of the history of Eastern Prussia. The laying of the first stone in the foundation of the fortress is supposed to have taken place on the left bank of the river Pregel to the west of the Prussian settlement conquered...
Monuments Kaliningrad region
In the Kaliningrad region you can find several monuments which attract attention for their originality. Few people will go with the purpose of seeing them. However, if you do see them during the trip, these photos will brighten up your Instagram. Monument to the local newspaper (Gusev) Do you know much about the monuments to newspapers? There is such a monument...
5 places for taking selfies in Kaliningrad
Most tourists cannot imagine holidays without photos of themselves with local places of interest in the background. Nowadays selfies with the most famous monuments have become very popular. I will tell you where you can take memorable pictures in Kaliningrad. The Cathedral on the Island. This is one of the symbols of Kaliningrad – Konigsberg. It had been standing in...


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