The name of this town before the war was Cranz. Together Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk are the most popular local resorts for the residents of the region and for visitors. You can reach here by several buses and local trains from the Yuzhny (Southern) and Severny (Northern) railway stations. The latter is situated in the center of Kaliningrad. Bus transport...
Svetlogorsk Kaliningrad region
In earlier times this town was called Rauschen. Nowadays there are two towns of Svetlogorsk: Svetlogorsk – 1 and Svetlogorsk -2. One of them is touristic; the other one is just a normal town, nevertheless not less interesting for guests, as near it there is a lake Tikhoe (Quiet) with an embankment. It will take only 15-20 minutes to...
Yantarny Kaliningrad region
Before the war this town was called Palmnicken. It was famous for its beaches and also for its amber resources. Both are still attracting people today. Residents of the region are not so interested in amber, but a lot of people are fond of being on the beaches in summer. This is the reason why there are too many...
Monuments Kaliningrad region
In the Kaliningrad region you can find several monuments which attract attention for their originality. Few people will go with the purpose of seeing them. However, if you do see them during the trip, these photos will brighten up your Instagram. Monument to the local newspaper (Gusev) Do you know much about the monuments to newspapers? There is such a monument...


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