This is, perhaps, the most popular museum in the city. You are unlikely to find a city resident who has not been to this museum at least once. It is easy to guess from its name that all the expositions of the museum are devoted to the sunny stone. The museum is located in the city centre, near the Upper Lake, in the XIX-th century tower fortification named in honour of the Prussian Field Marshal Don. You can get to the museum using any of the bus or minibuses that go to the bus stop “Vasilevsky Square”.

The entrance fee is 2,50 euro. A family ticket can be bought for 5 euros. Take into account that there are no bank terminals for credit cards here, so you should have cash. For a more interesting and complete experience, visitors are offered audio guides. You can listen to the audio tour in English, German or Polish for only 1,80 euro. You can visit the museum any day except for Monday.

museum's courtyard

All the various kinds of amber are displayed in the museum, from samples of the different types of amber to the largest findings of several kg. Here you will see both modern works of art made by masters from Russia, Europe and Asia and also copies of rare and even unique masterpieces of the XVI – XVII centuries. Archeologists dug out some interesting pieces in our region that you can also see in the exposition. The oldest ones dating back to 4000 BC; even in those ancient times local people already made amber jewelry.

In addition the museum contains a very large collection of inclusions – amber pieces in which plants, insects and even small animals were trapped millions of years ago. You will be able to see what nature was like long before the first beads made from sunny stone became jewelry for the local people.

Not only museum collections will draw your attention, the tower itself, inside which the museum is located, is also interesting. The tower was a part of the fortification complex of Konigsberg and was restored after the war. You can go for a stroll along the adjacent grounds, or climb to the observation deck in the tower and admire the splendid view of the Upper Lake and its embankments. I advise you to walk along the embankments after visiting the museum. I have already written to say where you can buy amber souvenirs.



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