Most tourists cannot imagine holidays without photos of themselves with local places of interest in the background. Nowadays selfies with the most famous monuments have become very popular. I will tell you where you can take memorable pictures in Kaliningrad.

  1. The Cathedral on the Island. This is one of the symbols of Kaliningrad – Konigsberg. It had been standing in ruins after being destroyed in the war, until it was reconstructed for the 750-th anniversary of the city. You can see the image of the building on many souvenirs. The best views for a photo start from the bridge leading to the Island, from where you can take a picture of the whole Cathedral.
  2. House of Soviets. Standing on the bridge and admiring the Cathedral, you will see an imposing rectangular building to the left of it. This is the House of Soviets – the soviet heritage of Kaliningrad, which some city dwellers think should be demolished, but other prefer to keep it. So far the dispute has not led to any decision, and the two buildings located not far from each other, symbolize two eras of city life. A full view of the House of Soviets is also possible from the bridge.
  3. Fish village. Walking along the island near the Cathedral you will see a piece of Prussia in Kaliningrad – old houses on the embankment. Actually, they were built not long ago, but were stylized into historical views of Kaliningrad. Photos can be made from the territory of the Island or from the Anniversary Bridge which leads from the island to the village. Here couples in love hang locks on the railings.
  4. Column of Triumph at the Victory Square.We shall move to the center of Kaliningrad. Here on the main square of the city there is a high stele dedicated to the victory of Russia in the Great Patriotic War. To make a better photo of the column you should go to the other side of the street. Then you will be able to make a photo including the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour which is located behind the column, and which is the main orthodox church of Kaliningrad.
  5. Fighting bisons.After the stroll along the square you can visit a green space located not far from it. There is a monument symbolizing the fight of two lawyers in court proceedings in Prussia. Nowadays students of the Technical University often have a rest at “the Bisons”. Once a year at Easter some parts of the animals’ bodies are painted as part of the traditions of the holiday. Despite objections of the authorities, young people go on doing it yearly.

Besides these very popular sightseeing places there are a lot of other interesting sites in the city for selfies, photo sessions and a good rest. I do not doubt that you would like to keep memories of these moments.



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